prize for fresh white truffle from alba

The Alba White Truffle World Market is the widest international exhibition of truffles from the Piedmont hills of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas. You can smell the  Alba white truffle from a few feet away and shaving them, releases more of this intriguing aroma.

The chemicals that make up the smell are actually similar to the pheromones mammals produce when they are mating.

White Alba truffles retains its pungent scent for about five days after its picked from the ground.

Freshness counts, although you can usually find fresh produce  in gourment food stores, from hunters and high end Italian grocery stores that supply these,  they give the finest black or white Alba truffles to fancy restaurants.

The blander the base, the more you will be able to zone in on the unusual scent and flavor.

The aroma of the Alba white Truffle is a dead giveaway. If you want to buy a really Fresh Alba’s White Truffle, you should observe the outside of it; you don’t want too many holes in it and you don’t want it broken. It should feel very dense and firm to the touch. When you buy Fresh Alba’s White Truffle, you should eat it as soon as possible seeing as they are picked from the ground, they start to loose their aroma.

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Alba white truffles are not to be confused with Alba black truffle, which are harvested in the late autumn and winter and Burgundy are plucked from the ground in the summer in early fall. Both of these species are found primarily in Italy.

Alba black truffle costs less than their pale cousins, because they are more common and have softer aromas.

Don’t be fooled by truffle oils. These are chemical potions designed to mimic the flavor of white and black truffles.

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Where to Buy Alba White Truffle

buy fresh alba white truffleIn the Langhe area, there are many hunters and shops that can sell you Fresh Alba’s White Truffle. On this map you can find some of them.

When to buy Fresh Alba’s White Truffle.

The best period to buy Fresh Alba’s White Truffle is  from September to December. Hunters from the Langhe, Roero & Monferrato areas, with trained dogs, wander the countryside in the Piedmont region (Asti, Alba, Barolo, Barbararesco, La Morra, Neive) in search of these wild mushrooms.

How to store Fresh Alba’s White Truffle

  • Wrap the Fresh Alba’s White Truffle in paper towels
  • Put it in a container with butter (to infuse butter with flavor)
  • Put it in a container with rice
  • Put the wrapped truffles in you refrigerator

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