When the decoration of a sweet truffle becomes similar to the real one truffleat


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Chocolate Truffle Truffles (food art)


The ancient Greeks believed truffles were a result of lightning impregnating the earth and leaving its “seed.” Certainly, truffles are seen as pretty mystical and magical fungi, and have been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries (and for good reason: one of the reasons pigs are so good at finding them is because truffles emit a chemical almost identical to a pig sex hormone, which is also found in the underarm sweat of human men.) Their scent is pungent and enchanting making them a valuable fungi indeed. Chocolate truffles get their name from these small brown lumps found under the soil among the roots of their host trees. Like fungi truffles, chocolate is also a known aphrodisiac, though that’s pretty much where the similarities stop. But do they have to?

I was inspired to make chocolate truffle truffles, mimicking the interesting marble pattern found inside slices of fungi-truffles. Since truffle is a pretty savory flavor and would be weird with sweet chocolate, I flavored my ganache with candy cap mushrooms instead to infuse a lovely maple flavor. The patterning was made with candy cap ganache and fondant and the outsides are coated in extra-dark chocolate and dusted with edible charcoal powder. Stay tuned to see how I plate these in a dish! What would you serve these with?

When the decoration of a sweet truffle becomes similar to the real one truffleat

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