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The finest black Autumn truffle fresh straight from Italy are available at TrufflEat Bangkok with Halal certificate & health certificate and of Italian origin.



Weekly Price Black Summer Truffle 

2,600 THB/100gr (26,000 THB/kg.)

This is the most popular truffle used in Italian cooking. Think king prawns risotto with garlic or tiny shavings over a seared steak tagliata.  Simply mouth-watering!

The fresh Uncinatum Truffle (Tuber uncinatum Chatin), also called Winter Scorzone, owes its name to the hook-shaped ridges present in the spores.

It has a peridium made up of several small black and less marked warts than the scorzone.

The Glebe is nutty colored, crossed by white thin veins highly branched. It has a variable shape, rounded but also with crushed basically smaller than the other truffle.

The sales period is from mid-September to December.

The Uncinatum is often used in cooking: the tasty aroma makes it suitable for the most different applications, both raw and cooked versions.

It is very similar to scorzone truffle, that, according to some experts, would be its autumn version of the same variety. The differences, not always easy to perceive, are linked to the appearance of truffles (peridium, glebe, shape, and size), the fragrance, and, above all, to the late-ripening period.

We provide fresh truffles for restaurants, events and dinner parties. If you need big quantities please contact us first and let us know how much truffle you need. 

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