TruffleHunter on The FoodTalk Show

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Hello all,

Recently our founder, and all-round truffle whizz, Nigel, was invited to talk to the wonderful people at the FoodTalk Show about truffles!

The FoodTalk Radio Show was launched in March 2016 to showcase food tech, food innovation and to promote artisan producers. Food and drink experts from around the country also discuss the latest trends in everything from distribution and delivery, to taste profiles and tech innovation.

On this episode, the TalkFood team are busting myths and testing preconceptions including the much-adored truffle. Nigel speaks on the delicacy which is the truffle, and provides the hosts with a variety of our delicious truffle based range of products to win them over!

Listen here!

Alternatively the FoodTalk Show is available to listen to on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

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