Truffle hunting: 2021 dates

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Our Truffle Hunting season begins!

Visitors of the area can join the truffle hunting tour that the Museum organizes.

The available dates are:

May 2021: 16 & 30

June 2021: 6, 20, 21

July 2021: 4, 18, 25

August 2021: 1, 14, 29

September 2021: 12 & 26

October 2021: 10 & 24

The starting time is set at 9:30 am.

A minimum of ten participants is required in order for the tour can take place. In case you are interested in a private tour, this can be scheduled, after prior contact with the Museum.

Register by email at or by phone to +30 2432024959.

If you are interested in another date, please contact us.

The Truffle Hunting program includes:

  1. Truffle Hunting in the forest with specially trained dogs
  2. Mushroom product tasting in the forest
  3. Truffle pasta dish cooking and meal accompanied by a glass of local wine
  4. Visit and guided tour in the Museum

Don’t miss it!

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