Truffle Eat The Alba White and Black Truffles.

Bianco Alba

Black truffle eat

Truffle trees, how to preserve and clean the truffle, good food for truffles


White Truffle trees


Black Truffle trees


How to preserve the Alba White Truffle

People ask me how to preserve the truffle; the answer is only one:

it’s not possible to preserve the truffle for more than a week.

Try to eat it as soon as possible since the truffle looses many of its organoleptic properties if you want to keep it.

In case you can’t eat it immediately we recommend to put it in the fridge.


How to preserve the Alba White Truffle

Roll the truffle in a paper towel and put it in sealed containers for food storage.


How to preserve the Alba White Truffle

The container must be laid in vegetable sector into the refrigerator (3-6° C)


How to clean the Alba White Truffle

Truffle must be only washed when you use it (about 30 minutes before), lightly under some cold water, try to remove the presence of soil by means of a soft toothbrush.


How to clean the Alba White Truffle

After washed dry lightly the truffle using kitchen paper.

alba-white-truffle-eat.ready to eat

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