The Spring White Truffle (Bianchetto/ Tuber Borchii Vitt.)

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Spring White Truffle

The Spring White Truffle is a perfect alternative of the authentic white truffle, when the white truffle is out of season. The good news are that the Bianchetto Truffle is cheaper and at the same time has very similar flavour, but more intense.


The Spring White Truffles (Bianchetto Truffles) have intense flavour that is very close to the white truffle. The difference is that the taste of the bianchetto truffle is a little bit more garlicky than the taste of the white truffle. The aroma is sharp and strong, but when used in the right quantity it is an excellent condiment.


The appearance of The Bianchetto Truffle is close to that of the tuber magnatum pico (the authentic white truffle), but the spring white truffles are usually smaller. Luckily, they are not gathered at the same time, so they could not be confused. The surface is smooth and colored in pale-white. The fruit pulp is brown, marbled with big white veins.


It is common is Europe.

Culinary Recommendation

Bianchetto Truffle should be served fresh: sliced, shaved or grated over butter or cheesy dishes. They pair very well with meat dishes. They can be used to flavour sauces, spreads for canapés, hors d’oeuvres and crostini.

Availability & Life

The Spring White Truffle is available approx. from January 15 to April 30.

It can last up to 2 weeks, when you keep it in a refrigerator at 37.5 F (3 C).

We recommend to consume it within a week of receipt for best experience.

Alternative Names

Tuber Borchii Vittadini, Bianchetto Truffle, The “Whitish” Truffle, Blanquette, Marzuolo, Spring White Truffle, Tuber Albidum Pico

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