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Deep under the Earth’s skin people have found precious stones. Their rarity, beauty and structure made them valuable almost beyond measure. They present wealth, power, and sometimes sadly, love. Diamonds might be forever, they might be girl’s best friends, but in the end, diamonds are just shiny rocks.

Earth hides gems much more valuable than precious stones, at least to anybody who knows how to really enjoy life.

As a caring mother she is, Earth didn’t hide those other gems so deep. All you need to find them is help from well-trained man’s best friend or an animal with sense of smell so strong we can’t even dream about it.

Obviously, animals aren’t able to recognize scents of diamonds, so what kind of gems are we talking about?

Well, we aren’t talking about actual gems, the treasure we are talking about looks kinda like gems, but tastes billion times better.

Where are tasty gems hidden?

Istria is blessed in so many ways. Sea, history, beautiful towns and marvelous nature. That nature hides a lot of secrets. One of them you can taste in many Istrian restaurants. 

We won’t keep you waiting anymore, the gems we are talking about are Istrian truffles.

In the forests around Buzet – famous truffle town – nature plays a game of hide and seek with skilled truffle hunters and their four-legged companions.

Deep in the moist, grey forest cut by river Mirna Istrians discovered black and white truffles.

Quality of Istrian truffles is among the best in the world and that’s why so many food lovers are visiting Istria every year. In combination with other top quality ingredients truffles are on top of many favorite food lists. If you have ever tasted them you are now nodding your head with confirmation and biting your lips out of desire. A desire for the overwhelming taste of those mushrooms.

Do you want to go truffle hunting?

truffle hunting Pula

Eating truffles in the restaurant is an amazing experience. They make every dish better. When a waither brings you a plate with the truffles dish you make only the last step on a truffle’s path. 

There is a way to fully experience all the feelings truffles can wake in a human being. 

Go to the source, go to the forest and look for them. 

Obviously, you can’t do that on your own. It is forbidden, and after all, you probably don’t know much about truffle hunting. Even less likely you have a well-trained dog or a pig. 

Luckily for everybody who wants to go truffle hunting, Karlić Tartufi offers that possibility.

Feel the anticipation while dogs are sniffing around while you are walking through the forest. Feel the joy of discovery when dogs find tasty gems. Listen to the stories of experienced truffle masters. And at the end taste the victory by eating found treasures.

By doing that you can walk with truffle on his whole path. From the moist forest to your plate.

source: https://rentacaratlija.hr/tastiest-gems-in-the-world/

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