Success! Huge Early Harvest for South African Truffle Orchard

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The monster 380g truffle worth around $900

The monster 380g truffle worth around $900

American Truffle Company’s chief scientist, Dr. Paul Thomas, recently reported that one of his Southern African truffle orchards has harvested its first truffles. The site, just 5.5 years old, uses a range of tree host species and the methodology employed by ATC. During the first hunt, a total of 40 black winter truffles were found, including one 380g (13.4 oz) – a monster (pictured) worth around $900! In addition, remains of some much larger truffles were also found and the site will now be regularly hunted.

This is not only big news in S Africa, it is another validation of ATC’s scientific methodology for North America. S Africa has had no native production of melanosporum, and due to the right science and management, they were able to produce truffles in less than six years. We expect N America truffle orchards to start producing very soon!

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