1 kg. of round small aubergines
100 gr. of mortadella
80 gr. of black truffle
3 eggs
soft inside of bread
grana padano
3 garlic gloves marjoram
extra-virgin olive oil
salt to taste
Sear the aubergines into a pot with boiling water, cut them
in half and without splitting them, take the pulp off and put
Clean the truffle, mince and fry it in boiling oil. Mince
aubergines pulp, the mortadella, the garlic and the soft inside
of bread (that You previously soaked into milk and then
Put everything into a bowl and add grated grana padano,
eggs, marjoram, nutmeg and salt.
Add the truffle, too. Mix well and fill the aubergines in one
by one.
Cover the aubergines with breadcrumbs and put them into a
greased pan; put the pan into the oven at 180° C for about
30 minutes.

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