Croque monsieur made with prosciutto and truffle


truffle croque

The Mayflower, Darlinghurst

At this pretty new Darlinghurst cafe, luxurious, rich food is the name of the game: lavish amounts of caviar are spread across blinis and served with boiled eggs and soldiers, and during the seasonal window truffles can be added to any dish. Most notably, there’s a Croque monsieur made with prosciutto, gruyere, and bechamel, and not only is the gooey mixture inside the toastie spiked with truffles, but they’re also finely grated over the top for extra punch.

Truffles also come shaved over bucatini pasta and served on crème caramel with candied hazelnuts. Chips are made extra fancy with parmesan and truffles, and you can even get a pile of truffles grated over hot chocolate. It’s $15 for five grams of truffles on your milky beverage, or $30 for 10.

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