CA Vineyard Ready to Harvest Truffles



California’s Napa Valley may add another fine food to its list of products: truffles.

Vintner Robert Sinskey partnered with the American Truffle Company to launch a domestic truffle cultivation program due to Sinskey’s vineyards having ample acreage and a focus on biodynamics.

This fall will mark the project’s first harvest, with black Perigord and Burgundy truffles, two of the most expensive and desired varieties, being picked.

The mushrooms are growing with inoculated trees and soil management in areas that are otherwise grassland, putting to use parts of the vineyards that are relatively empty. The move also helps the vineyards retain their biodynamic label, which requires them to use at least 10 percent of their lands for something besides growing grapes.

Should the harvest be successful, the truffles will be sold to chefs across the U.S., reports Eater. Full Story

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