Expensive foods Alba Tartufi, Caviar, Kobe and Saffron

Caviar, truffles and other really expensive foods

Alba White Truffles

These ugly lumps of mushrooms might look funny, but when grated or sliced over pasta or eggs, Alba white truffles are extraordinarily delicious. They're notoriously hard to find and are in high demand, resulting in an incredibly high price tag - in some cases, they'll cost you close to $10,000 a kilo.


Caviar in any form will be expensive. You can find it in supermarkets these days, but even there, it's out of most people's price ranges. Most "real" sturgeon caviar sells for well over $100 an ounce, but the most expensive caviar in the world is called Almas caviar. The older a sturgeon is, the more valuable its caviar is, and these sturgeons are the oldest around. It's not always available, but when it is, a kilo can easily sell for $10,000.


We should be thankful that a little saffron goes a long way, because it's the most expensive spice in the world; only three of these tiny threads grow on each of the crocuses from which they are harvested, and one gram, which contains 200 to 300 threads, can sell for $6 to $9, usually about $70 an ounce.

Kobe beef

Kobe, the world's finest beef, is raised in Japan's Hyogo Prefecture, and the cows are famously given daily massages, fed beer, and live a life of the utmost luxury. The resulting meat is extremely well marbled with healthier-than-usual fat, and is tender, melt-in-your-mouth, and extremely luxurious. There's a less expensive American counterpart called Wagyu that's similar, but nothing rivals the real deal. Unfortunately, it's also very expensive: a pound can sell for more than $150 when purchased raw, and some restaurants charge as much as $35 an ounce.



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