28 Italian Black and White truffles types

How many truffle types are there in Italy?

In Italy exists around two hundred thousand truffle hunters, that go with dogs to find truffles. A good truffle hunter knows where all the tuber grows, obviously it’s a secret. You can find all the types of truffles in Italy in only a few regions. The most popular place where you can find them, is in  the county side of Alba.

In Italy, you are allowed to trade with nine types of truffle. Of these, eight are fit for cultivation. Only one is impossible to be home-grown. This is the Alba white truffle, Tuber magnatum Pico, which makes it more exclusive  than the other types and of course is more precious. This is why Alba truffle is so expensive. There is not a lot of it.Moreover, its flavour is completely different. Just to give you some numbers, in this period.

types of truffles Italy

Alba Truffle Price:

  • 1 KG of Fresh Alba white truffle is worth € 4,500.
  • 1 KG of Alba summer truffle cost € 300
  • 1 KG of Black Truffle costs € 800 more or less

The price varies significantly according to the different types.

Discover where to buy Alba white truffle.

Truffles need trees to grow. They grow near Oak, Hazel, Willow and Poplar trees. The biggest difference between the black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) and white truffle, is that the black can be farmed commercially while, the white can’t.

28 Italian Black and White truffle typesItalian truffle types

  • Tuber aestivum Vittad.
  • Tuber asa Tul. & C. Tul.
  • Tuber bellonae Quél.
  • Tuber bernardinii Gori
  • Tuber borchii Vittad.
  • Tuber borchii var. sphaerosperma Malençon
  • Tuber brumale Vittad.
  • Tuber brumale var. moschatum (Bull.) I.R. Hall et al.
  • Tuber dryophilum Tul.
  • Tuber excavatum Vittad.
  • Tuber ferrugineum Vittad.
  • Tuber foetidum Vittad.
  • Tuber fulgens Quél.
  • Tuber macrosporum Vittad.
  • Tuber maculatum Vittad.
  • Tuber magnatum Pico (Alba White Truffle)
  • Tuber malençonii Donadini, Riousset, G. Riousset & G. Chev.
  • Tuber melanosporum Vittad.
  • Tuber mesentericum Vittad.
  • Tuber nitidum Vittad.
  • Tuber oligospermum (Tul. & C. Tul.) Trappe
  • Tuber panniferum Tul.
  • Tuber puberulum Berk. & Broome
  • Tuber rapaeodorum Tul. & C. Tul.
  • Tuber regianum Montecchi & Lazzari
  • Tuber rufum Pico
  • Tuber verii Pacioni & Lalli
  • Tuber gennadii (Chatin) Pat. (= Loculotuber gennadii)


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