Agnolotti dal plin with roast duck sauce and truffle.

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Truffle season has rolled around again, and it seems like Sydney’s menus are more festooned with the fungi than ever. This year it’s adorning toasties, showering hot chocolates, and broken up inside xiao long bao. It’s being used so liberally at cafes and restaurants that we can practically smell its pungent scent wafting through the air. The best bit about these little flavor nuggets is they add a little dose of luxury to mid-Covid life, whether you’re on a budget or happy to splash out. And best of all, there’s no artificial “truffle” oil insight.

Ragazzi, CBD
Inner-city pasta and wine bar Ragazzi changes its menu regularly, and right now it’s rotating through a series of truffle-based dishes. “We don’t like to use truffles for the sake of it or just add them to existing dishes willy-nilly,” chef Scott McComas-Williams tells Broadsheet. “It’s a delicate yet powerful ingredient, so we dedicate the dish itself to the truffle.”

On any given day during truffle season you might be able to order Andean Sunrise potato gnocchi with brown butter, Parmigiano Reggiano, and truffle; mandilli di seta (“silk handkerchief” pasta) with butter, truffle, and half-cured yolk; or duck breast and chicken liver agnolotti dal plin with roast duck sauce and truffle.

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