5 Reasons to travel Piedmont, best region in 2019


why travel piedmont

Travel Piedmont Region

Lonely Planet has named the Piedmont Region (Italy) as the world’s best region to visit in 2019.

Here are 5 reasons why.

5 Reasons Why you have to Travel the Piedmont region

  1. Barolo has long been hailed as the “Wine of Kings” and you can taste the region’s aromatic wines at source. Wander the vineyards and see how the wine is produced.
  2. Alba is know all over the world for its delicious Alba white truffles. Hunting for these prized mushrooms is half the fun, so visit during the harvest season from September to November.

  3. Lago d’Orta has a dramatic setting, backed by Monte Mottarone. Explore the medieval village of Orta San Giulio and see the enchanting Island of San Giulio from the lake’s forested banks.
  4. Piedmont’s capital is the beautiful city of Turin. Its central square is lined with museums, theaters and cafes. Palazzo Madama (Turin / Torino) has been the seat of the Italian Senate since 1871. Nearby, Venaria Reale is one of the largest former royal residences in the world. The Unesco listed baroque palace was built in 1675 as a hunting lodge for the Savoy Family. It is now home to a museum and hosts concerts.
  5. Ivrea’s Battle of the Oranges is Italy’s largest food fight. It’s a re-enactment  of a war that broke out in the 12th century. More than 500,000 oranges are thrown during combat which takes place every year in the run up to Shrove Thursday. The beauty of Piedmont is its diversity,  so whether you’re exploring its baroque palaces, vineyards or lakes, you’ll find a reason to love it.

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